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February 06, 2024

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Above and beyond to Mitigate Long Lead Times

Lengthy lead times affect us all, but there are ways to navigate the issues they can pose. 


One of the biggest problems in our industry is the culture of suppliers knowingly overpromising, quoting a shorter lead time to win an order. 


At Obso, we always aim to deliver components within the timeframes that we tell a customer at the time of ordering. We use our expertise in the market to anticipate any potential issues and work out how we can overcome them. This not only helps manage expectations but also means we breed a culture of honesty and transparency – overpromising doesn’t help anyone.


When it comes to delivery, it’s important to go for the most reliable option – not the cheapest. 

We build good relationships with our couriers and this in turn often helps make the process run more smoothly. Genuine daily interactions result in loyalty and quality of service, which then alleviates lead time issues that may arise.


The same goes with customs clearance agents in the countries that we trade-in. We take pride in getting to know them on a personal level so that we can mutually go above and beyond to get the jobs done swiftly and reliably. We understand that although we may be the “face” of Obso, many other people make up the whole process. If you consistently treat people well, then you will be rewarded by a team of good people who make up the bones of your business.


To further mitigate long lead times, it’s important to have a good understanding of processes in every country. We found that when the UK left the EU, we were educating customers on changes and new processes, advising them on what information or paperwork was needed to import and export parts swiftly. This added value is incredibly important to us and we’re happy to use our many years of experience and knowledge to help our customers combat any potential issues.


At the heart of this inside knowledge is, once again, the relationships we form with people across the globe. From making regular trips to the States and getting to know people and their systems, to attending Chamber of Commerce meetings to network with fellow members on home soil, we glean invaluable insight that we can then share with our customers.


We also think it’s vital to prioritise great service. Speed of delivery is key to the business and that’s why it’s so important for us to train and incentivise our teams to deliver quality service every time. This culture seeps through Obso and is the lifeblood of what we do. We want to take away the stress of long lead times from our customers and make the process much easier. Essentially, we make a promise to our customers, and fulfilling this promise is important to us.


Obso has created a free five-point plan to help guide operators through some key steps to take to mitigate lead times. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please contact us at +44 (0)800 36 888 17, or email

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